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Due to the great number of pass requests we receive and our contractual obligations with film distributors, this form must be filled out before we can provide passes.

  • Whenever possible, passes will be provided to civic not-for-profit organizations.
  • Free passes cannot be provided to businesses.  However, in some case passes are trade out for merchandise or services. 
  • Please allow 30 business days for approval and receipt of the pass request. 
  • Passes are restricted.  They may not be used on some films or during certain times of the year.  These restrictions are set up by the film distributors and producers and are out of Keystone Cinemas' control.
  • Please understand that there are a limited number of Donation Passes that we can give out each month and so not all requests can be honored.
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Phone Number:*

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Date passes will be handed out:*

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