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Keystone Cinemas
Loyalty Program FAQs

  • What is the Keystone Cinemas Loyalty Program?
    • Keystone Cinemas offers a loyalty program which awards customers points for purchases made on eligible items. Points are redeemed for discounts and free items.
  • How does the program work?
    • Loyalty Program members present their loyalty card at the Box Office prior to making a purchase, their account is accessed.  Points are added to the account based on purchase of qualifying items.
  • What are the benefits of membership?
    • 1 point for every dollar spend on concessions or tickets
      • 100 points = $5 voucher*
      • $5 Voucher is valid for any purchase at Keystone Cinemas excluding gift cards and group tickets.
      • Maximum qualifying purchases per day is $200 per account. Members will not receive credit for purchases greater than $200 per day per account. The $5 virtual reward will appear in the Member’s account within 20 minutes but may take up to 30 days from the purchase date to appear on your account. All earned Rewards are valid for 90 days from date of issuance at which time they will expire. 
  • How do I earn points on my Loyalty Card?
    • Points are earned as purchases are made on the Loyalty Card on qualifying items. Maximum qualifying purchases per day may not exceed $200.
  • How do I redeem points?
    • Points will automatically be redeemed at the sales stations once you have reached the level required.
  • How can I see my point totals?
    • Point totals can be viewed online at or by visiting the box office and asking an associate for details.
  • Where can I earn and redeem my points?
    • Points can be earned or redeemed any Keystone Cinemas location. At this time, points cannot be earned or redeemed online.
  • How do I sign up for the Keystone Loyalty Program?
    • Guests can sign up for the Loyalty Program at the Box Office or online at Registration is quick, easy and free.
  • How do I receive my Keystone Loyalty card?
    • After signing up online for the Keystone Loyalty Club, your request will be sent to Keystone Cinemas for review. Once your information has been approved, you will receive an email from us letting you know your card is ready for pickup at the box office of the location you indicated when signing up.  If desired, an Apple Wallet Pass can also be issued in addition to your loyalty card.
  • Is membership to the Keystone Loyalty Club free?
    • At the present time, there is no cost to join or be a member of the Keystone Loyalty Club.
  • When should I present my Keystone Loyalty Card
    • Each and every time a purchase is made at either Keystone Cinemas location, present your loyalty card to the Keystone Cinemas associate to earn points towards the 500 point level.
  • What if I forget my Loyalty Card?
    • Inform the cashier you are a member of the Keystone Loyalty Club and give them your first and last name and we can look up your card number so you can still earn points!
  • What if I lose my Loyalty Card?
    • Not to worry! We can easily transfer your current rewards and existing points to a new card, free of charge. However, Keystone Cinemas is not responsible for the unauthorized use of Redeemable points/rewards.
  • Can more than one person use a single account?
    • While possible, it is recommended individuals maintain separate Loyalty Cards. Due to the customizable and customer-specific nature of particular benefits, Keystone Cinemas is able to provide more appealing promotions to members that do not share accounts with others.
  • Why am I required to give my full name, email address, phone number, birth date, and zip code when registering for the Keystone Loyalty Program?
    • All of the information collected from the Loyalty Club registration form is used to enhance the customer experience and expedite the application of the program at the point of sale. Name and phone number are required to access and verify account holder identification. Email addresses are used simply to communicate promotions and program updates to members and will not be sold or spammed. Birth dates are used only for the purposes of verifying a customer’s age and eligibility for the program, and zip codes help Keystone Cinemas to track usage and improve the customer experience.